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Is Your Home Without Ceiling Lights?

Many houses are built without lights in ceilings as a construction cost saving method leaving lamps as the only option for light.  We can help by installing switch controlled ceiling lights to bring your life out of the "Dark Ages" 

Are Your Recessed Fixtures Dated Looking Or Dull?

Let us update your recessed fixtures to new fresh clean looking LED.  LED recess lighting installs in your existing light housing and offers bright long lasting light.  LED lighting does not produce excessive heat as older types of lighting reducing risk of damage to your home and also not making you sweat.

Are Your Exterior Flood Lights Burned Out Or Broken?

We can help with that too!  Outdoor flood lights can be difficult to replace bulbs in.  Outdoor flood lights and bulbs are subject to harsh weather environments resulting in damaged fixtures and bulbs.  Install durable new LED flood light units with bright long lasting light to replace old fixtures or where you currently have no lights.

Are The Fluorescent Lights In Your Office, Basement, Or Garage Leaving You Fumbling In The Dark?

We can fix that by installing new LED bulbs in your existing fixtures.  New LED bulbs designed for fluorescent fixtures install in the existing fixture and eliminate the use of problematic energy wasting ballasts, no more flickering light.  Also the LED bulbs are not affected by cold temperatures so you can have bright light no matter if your space is heated or not.

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